Mason County Long Lake Cemetery Index


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File Provided by The Mason County Public Library

Name______________||_Plot Numbers_||Date of Death||_Burial Date_||_Birth Date_||___ Age___||____Cemetary_||

Bussear/Hattie Belle 1946 1900 Long Lake
Bussear/John Oscar 1936 1920 Long Lake
Bussear/Mary E. 1940 1881 Long Lake
Bussear/Zachary L. 1951 1880 Long Lake
Landis/Daniel 1942 1860 Long Lake
Landis/Delilia 1941 1869 Long Lake
Landis/Edith A. 1963 1917 Long Lake
Landis/George 1984 1903 Long Lake
Larnard/Gerald Ellsworth 1940 1901 Long Lake
Maday/Josephine 1925 1881 Long Lake
Rigleman/John G. 6/20/1918 3/15/1857 Long Lake
Svidron/Cindy Lu   baby 2/18/1957 Long Lake
Svidron/Robert   baby 1/18/1963 Long Lake
Thomlinson/Mary B. 1935 1872 Long Lake
Zoscsak/Anna 1965 1898 Long Lake
Zoscsak/Joseph 2/7/1949 6/26/1866 Long Lake
Zoscsak/Joseph E. 1982 1904 Long Lake
Zoscsak/Myrtle B. 1957 1911 Long Lake
Zoscsak/Rose 9/21/1956 9/4/1866 Long Lake

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