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Important News

Would you like to help transcribe or collect information?



Important News

Would you like to help transcribe or collect information? Mail to: Dave Petersen




Spirit of the Lakes

Black Creek Press

Visit here for more information on this new book and other projects involving local history.

This stunning collection of images depicts the "golden age" of car ferry service on the Great Lakes.

These very rare and unique views are sure to provide the historian and maritime enthusiast with hours of enjoyment. Many of the detailed photographs will also provide scale ship model hobbyists with additional information on each vessel in the Ludington ferry fleet.

Working as a wheelsman aboard the Pere Marquette 22, Erhardt Peters photographically documented the history of the Pere Marquette car ferries in the 1920's and 1930's. His talent behind the lens has left us all a legacy of unforgettable images of a time long past in the maritime history of the Great Lakes.

Over 300 views of the Pere Marquette Railway Lake Michigan car ferry fleet are included in Volume I plus additional close-up detail views taken on board the ship, and of other Great Lakes vessels, Lightships, Lighthouses and fellow crew members

FAMILY HISTORY: Our goal is 1,000 family history submissions. Would you like to Submit your family history? Please send a narrative history in a Word Document. Please Include Name Address and Phone Number. Up to 1000 words is the general format. Several photos may be used with each submission. Emailing the jpg files and word doc works best. IF you must send a handwritten submission it must be printed so that we may scan it and convert it to a word document. There will be several categories so that other individual ancedotes may be submitted. There are several categories to the family histories such as Pioneers 1835 to 1870 / Early Settlers 1871 to 1900 etc depending on when your family first settled Mason County. A History may be submitted for each Family Line, multiple submissions by different family members of the same pioneer will need to be edited into a single document. Individual Family Histories of the "nuclear family" in any line may be submitted for each family group ie: Parents & Children, an individual or a couple. Ask yourself, in 100 years what do I want future generations to know about me.

FAMILY GENEALOGIES: You may also submit a family genealogy file such as gedcom FTW etc. You may also submit a narrative genealogy. Please remove specific information about living relatives prior to submission. The family genealogy files will most likely be a separate CD at a later date.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Would you like to send scans of family or of local Mason County Scenes? Please use a 300 dpi JPG format. I can scan your photographs at no cost [JUST CALL] or in the event it is a photograph that I would like to keep a copy of I will pay for the cost of having it reproduced at the local Kodak Shop. Please write out the caption you would like used for the photo and the names and positions of any people that you are able to identify. [left to right and front to back] More then one photo can be used in each pioneer and early settler history and I am looking for photos of businesses, schools, Carferries, Farming, local churches etc. IF you send an original photograph for us to scan please use a Post Office delivery confirmation so that it can be tracked and we will return them in the same way.

There is another Books regarding Mason County, the first is about the History of the City of Ludington by Paul S. Peterson and is now available for 30.00 plus tax.

I will update this page with more information and hopefully links to the authors in case you have information that could be helpful to these very worthwhile efforts.

Dr. William M. Anderson, Dr. Anderson has completed a book for Arcadia Publishing which covers the history of Victory Township.

He is looking for any information or photographs related to the people of Victory Township from it's formation through the war years [1945] If you have stories, information, photographs that you would like to add to this ongoing project please contact him directly

The Mason County Historical and Genealogical Society provides research assistance to genealogists with ancestors in Mason County. They maintain a Research Room at White Pine Village, Many events are also scheduled throughout the year. They have published many resources, such as census and cemetery indexes. Some of these publications are listed on the Research Sources and Lookup Volunteers webpage. The Society can be contacted at:Mason County Historical and Genealogical Society,

Questions or comments about Historic White Pine Village?

Contact White Pine Village

Historic White Pine Village 1687 S. Lakeshore Dr Ludington, MI 49431 (231)843-4808 - telephone (321)843-7089 - fax info@historicwhitepinevillage.org Historic White Pine Village general information

execdir@historicwhitepinevillage.org Historic White Pine Village Director

For more information on any of the above names, e-mail Dave Petersen


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