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Important News

Would you like to help transcribe or collect information? Mail to: Dave Petersen




History of Mason County, Michigan, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of its Prominent Men and Pioneers. Chicago: H. R. Page & Co., 1882 INDEX OF SKETCHES Agens, Alexander M. Agens, Monroe A., Aldrich, Harlin Alexander, Horace F. Allen, Eugene Allen, Joshua Anderson, Soren Andrew, L. E. Andrews, Edwin Armstrong, James A. Armstrong & Son, J. W. Baker, Lucius K. Barnett, Hiram Bentley, Cassius M. Bethune, John Bishop, Roswell P. Blain, Charles Boerner, Charles Booth, F. S. Boyd, James A. Brown, Capt. J. J. Brown, J. T. Brown, Peter Bush, William H. Butler, A. J. Butters, Horace Carroll, Watson Cartier, antoine E. Cass, A. J. Caswell, Burr Caswell, Capt. Robt. Christensen, N. P. Clayton, George W. Cole, William B. Compton, Robert J. Comstock, Edwin M. Cook, William E. Crawford, Charles H. Crowly, James Cushway, William J. Danaher, James e. Danaher, Michael b. Danaher, Patrick M. Davies, Thomas e. Dmepsey, Rev. Morgan J. P. Dowland, Frederick J. Drach, Adam Dundass, Robert F. Eastman, Patrick C. Elliott, Otis A. Ewing, Peleg Fairbanks, Robert Fannon, John C. Farrell, J. M. Filer, Delos L. Filer, Frank Fogg, Edmund H. Foley, James Ford, Thomas Foster, Edward A. Foster, Harry H. Foster, Prof. John N. Foster, Luther H. Fralick, Chas. H. Gale, J. M. Gangnon, Edward Gebhardt, C. Gibbs, Chancy Gibson, Burnett B. Glazier, Dexter P. Goodsell, Bennett J. Goodsell, George Griffin, John Haight, Hon. Samuel D. Hansen, H. P. Hansen, M. Harley, William Hatfield, Richard Hawley, Lucius E. Hawley, Smith Henry, James v. Hergesell, A. Herman, Franklin Hewitt, Rev. Bertrand P. Heysett, William Hill, Rev. Samuel N. Holmquist, M. Houk, J. B. Hudson, William g. Hull, Chas. W. Hull, Myron D. Johnson, J. J. Keyes, Rev. Russell M. Kiesewalter, William Kistler, John G. Knowles, Frank S. Landt, Bendix P. Latimer, Dr. Frank N. Lloyd, J. S. Francis Ludington, James Lyon, Thomas R. McClatchie, George C. McCollum, Isaiah H. McConnell, Dr. A. P. McGrath, John McKenzie, John McMahon, George P. McMahon, Hon, James B. McMaster, Thomas P. Marble, M. P. Marsh, E. W. Martin, Francis D. May, John A. Mendelson, Peter Mitchell, C. E. Mitchell, John A. Moulton, Sewall Nason, F. D. Neilan, Michael A. Meumann, Henry Nickerson, Elihu O'Connor, Patrick Ohland, Fred Olson, Charles Osborn, William Palmiter, Anson Paquette, Joseph Phalan, John Philips, J. F. Pierce, Frank B. Pierce, Newton B. Pomeroy, Paul Powell, A. R. Ramsay, Charles H. Rasmussen, John P. Rasmussen, R. Rayne, Richard Reed, Wallace W. Reid, William M. Resseguie, Charles E. Rice, Orenzo Roby, George W. Roussin, L. W. Samuels, Hon. Daniel V. Sawyer, Charles T. Schrumpf, Jacob Scott, Harry A. Shackleton, Levi Shappee, Francis Share, Richard Sherman, charles G. Shorts, Philip P. Silver, Fred C. Smith, Augustus E. Smith, Frank H. Smith, Henry B. Smith, Luke A. Smith, Marshall G. Southworth, Dr. L. T. Spencer, A. G. Staffon, Jacob Stanchfield, Hon. Oliver O. Stanton, Calvin P. Stanton, Elmer E. Starr, Williard C. Stearns, J. S. Stitt, Joseph Stray, George N. Surplice, William Taylor, Oliver N. Thompson, David M. Tracy, John F. Tripp, Charles L. Tripp, George E. Van Sickle, John Vogel, A. Ward, Capt. E. B. Ward, Louis Weimer, Capt, George Wheeler, Rollin R. White, Floyd White, Joseph White, Hon, Shubael F. Williams, W. H. Wood, Isaac Woodruff, John S.


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