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Important News

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A flourishing city of 2500 inhabitants, at the mouth of Pere Marquette river, in Mason county, 2| miles south of Lincoln, and 15 north of Pentwater. The village plat was recornerded Sept. 10, 1867, at which time there was but one store in the place, no hotel, in fact nothing worthy the name of a village. About this time it was definitely settled upon as the terminus of the F. & P. M. R. R. Capt. E B Ward, of Detroit, bought property there, and commenced extensive improvements, and the place has steadily and rapidly grown to its present size, with prospects of becoming one of the most important points on the lake Michigan shore. It now contains 7 saw mills, a shingle mill, a planing mill, a foundry and machine shop, two banks, three hotels, a weekly newspaper, the Mason County Recornerd, and some 25 stores. A schoolhouse to cost from 15,000 to $25,000 is on the point of erection. Lumber, shingles, wooden bowls, and tan bark are the leading articles of shipment from Ludington It has a drayman and telegraphic facilities. George W. Clayton, postmaster.

  • Abraham. Adolph, clothing, boots and shoes, etc., Ludington Ave.

  • Alexander., druggist and agt. W. U. Telegraph Co., Ludington Ave.

  • Anderson, Peter, general store,

  • Anderson & MCcrath, blacksmiths.

  • Bell, Joshua, harness maker, James.

  • Bennett, Mrs. A. D, dress maker, cornerner Ludington Ave and Williams.

  • Blackmarr, F., Proprietor Exchange Bank.

  • Blain, Chas. & Co., bankers.

  • Buckley A, hardware, stoves and tinware. Ludington Ave.

  • Burton & Blain. general store.

  • Cartier & Lomprey, blacksmiths, James.

  • City Hotel, L. W. Steffy, Proprietor, Ludington Ave.

  • Clayton.George W., postmaster, Ludington Ave.

  • Clayton & Hopkins, publishers Mason County Recornerd, Ludington Ave.

  • Coffin, George F. & Co., wholesale wines, liquors tobacco and cigars, Loomis.

  • Cuddeback, Mrs. H. C, milliner and dress maker.

  • Cushway, Wm J., jeweler.

  • Smaher, shingle mill, e city.

  • Danaher & Melendy, lumber and general store.

  • FARRELL HOUSE,LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN,RUN NELLS & SON, Proprietors. Having just assumed Proprietorship of this Hotel, we intend to enlarge, refit and refurnish the same, and shall continue to endeavor to make it a First Class House. Sample rooms for agent.


  • CHAS. E. RESSEGUIE,DEALER IN PINE AND FARMING LANDS, LUDINGTON, MASON CO. MICH. Particular Attention paid to the Investigation of Titles, and the payment of Taxes. Also will furnish Abstracts, Estimate Timber.



  • PERE MARQUETTE LUMBER CO.LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN, Dealers in all kinds of LUMBER, PINE LANDS, FARMING LANDS, Village Lots, Merchandise, General Office at Ludington, Mich.

  • DELOS L. FILER, President, Ludington Mich.; L. H. FOSTER, Secretary, Ludington, Mich. ; JOHN MASON LOOMIS, Treasurer, Chicago; JAMES' LUDINGTON, Director, Milwaukee, Wis.; E. A. FOSTER, Director, Ludington, Mich,

  • Davidson,A J., proprs. Washington House and livery stable, corner Loomis and James.

  • Dundass, R, F., physician, Ludington avo.

  • Dunning, If. C, Proprietor New York Hotel, corner Charles and Loomls.

  • Eh re. George F., saloon and boarding. James.

  • Ely, Henry B., physician, corner Ludington Ave and Charles.

  • Engleman Transportation Co., Jason Gillett, agent, office on dock.

  • Ewing, P., wagon maker.

  • Exchange Bank, I. H. McCollum, cashier, Ludington Ave nw Main.

  • Fairbanks, P. W., blacksmith, Charles.

  • Falkner, Fred.,meat market,Loomis.

  • Fanon, Peler. billiard hall, Ludington Ave.

  • Farrell House, Runnells & Son, Proprietors, corner Ludington Ave and Main.

  • Fitch A Haight, attorneys at law, Ludington Ave.

  • Foelskc. Herman, baker, James.

  • Foster, Frank A. A Co., commission merchants and dealers in groceries, Ludington Ave.

  • Frisbie &. Wightman, blacksmiths

  • Frye, Wm, furniture dealer.

  • Gangnon, Edward, confectioneries, fruit, tobacco and cigars, James.

  • Gariepy, J. P., physician.

  • Garner Bros., grocers, Loomis.

  • Gibson, Isaac, attorney at law, Ludington Ave.

  • Gillett, Jason, agent Engleman Transportation Co., office and warehouse, dock.

  • Goodenough, D. W., general store.

  • Gould. E. JT., foundry and machine shop, James.

  • Highland, J. H. A Co., boiler makers and dealers in hardware and mill supplies, corner Ludington Ave and Charles.

  • HolmquistA Ekroth, undertakers and furniture dealers, Williams.Hot, Peter,

  • Blacksmith, James. Jellison.

  • G. W., billiard hall, corner Ludington Ave and Williams.

  • John NO II "Jfc Ely, druggists, corner Ludington Ave and Charles.

  • Keufield, W. F., attorney at law, Ludington Ave.

  • Kinney, C. W., livery stable,

  • Williams. Knhli Bros., barbers, Ludington Ave.

  • Kiippenhelnier Bros., tobacco and cigars, Ludington Ave.

  • Manchester A Jellison, grocers, Ludington Ave.

  • Marcnse A Solomon, fancy and gents' furnishing goods, Ludington Ave.

  • Marsh, E. W., boots and shoes, Ludington Ave.

  • Ludington County Recornerd, (weekly) Clayton & Hopkins, publishers, Ladington Ave

  • McCollum, I. H., cashier Exchange Bank, Ludington Ave nr Main.

  • McDonald, John, e cily.

  • Mendelson, P., clothing, Ludington Ave.

  • Meyer, G., Proprietor Milwaukee House, Loomis.

  • Milwaukee House, G. Meyer, Proprietor,Loomis.

  • Murphy, Stephen, restaurant, Ludington Ave.

  • New York Hotel, H. C. Dunning, Proprietor, corner Charles and Loomis.

  • Noyes. Clark H., Proprietor Railroad House, James.

  • Palmer, I. barber, Loomis.

  • Pere Marquette Lumber Co., lumber manufacturers and dealers in lumber, general merchandise and real estate, Delos B. Filer, president; L. H. Foster, secretary; office, corner Ludington and Main.

  • Pernimfc Pommier, photographers, Robert. Pesent,

  • Mrs. Matilde, millinery, Ludington Ave.

  • Peterson, John, saloon,

  • Peterson,Charles. P. A, saloon,

  • Quevillon, Charles, drugs and groceries, Loomis.

  • Bullard House, Clark H. Noyes,Proprietor,

  • Rea,James. Dr. J., dentist.

  • Rea, Mrs. M. A., physician, Ludington Ave.

  • Resscgnie, Charles F., real estate and abstract office, Ludington Ave.

  • Roby, Geo. W. & Co., saw mill.

  • Roussin, Joseph, shoe maker, Loomis.

  • Rowland, J. L., saloon, James.

  • Bunnell and Son, Proprietors Farrell House, corner Ludington Ave and Main.

  • Schuster, Hugo, boarding house, Ludington Ave.

  • Shackelton, H. H., druggist, Loomis.

  • Shackelton, Levi, justice of the peace, Ludington Ave.

  • Silvers A Wickcrson, photographers, Charles.

  • Slaght, S., General store.

  • Smith, Tracy H., saloon, Ludington Ave.

  • Southworth, L. T., physician, corner Ludington Ave and Charles.

  • Steckle, G., boarding house, James.

  • Stcfiy, E. W., Proprietor City Hotel, Ludington Ave.

  • Surplice, Edward, groceries and liquors, Loomis.

  • Sweet & Bean, saw mill.

  • Tolles, Wm. A Co., grocers, Loomis.

  • Tripp, George E., meat market, Ladington Ave,

  • Udell, A. A- Co., flour, feed and provisions, corner Ludiugton Ave and Williams.

  • Vahue, II list is A Co., lumber manufacturers and dealers, S Pere Marquette lake.

  • Voight, A., merchant tailor.

  • Vurton & Blain, general store, Ludington Ave.

  • Wulbraushok & Farrell, planing mill, e city.

  • Ward, Capt. E. B., saw mills. Hard. Manufacturer and dealer lumber, e city.

  • Washington House, R. & J. Davidson, Proprietors, corner Loomis and James.

  • Western Uni m Telegraph Co., H. F. Alexander, agent, Ludiugton Ave.

  • Wkaley Bros., carpenters and build, cornerner Roberts.

  • White, Ewell A Hopkins, real estate and abstract office, Ludington Ave.

  • White A Ewell, attorneys at law, Luding'on Ave.

  • Wilkins, Chas., general store.

  • Wilkins & Tatman, druggists, Ludington Ave


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