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Important News

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SUNDAY, FEB. 12, 1928

Page 1, Column 7 and Page 8, Column 3


Sees Children Educated, Happily Married: Funeral Service Monday.

Mrs. Caroline Dostal, aged 73, for 44 years a resident of Mason county, passed away Friday night from her home in north Amber. Death resulting from pneumonia, with which she had been suffering for the past week.

Caroline Meyer was born in Germany, March 24, 1855, and was married there in 1878 to Karl Dostal, who preceded her in death 13 years ago.

Faced with Starvation.

Mr. and Mrs. Dostal found themselves facing a situation where hunger, if not actual starvation, faced them. Wages, when employment was to be had, were altogether insufficient to support their family, which then included three young children. They had a little money, Mrs. Dostal's small inheritance---just enough to pay their passage across the ocean as steerage passengers and across the ocean lay America, which to them was the land of promise. Both were orphans, with no strong ties holding them to the (Continued on Page 8. Column 3.) home land: so they made the ??? [journey?]. There were many times, however, during those first months when they felt it would have been better to have stayed in Germany. They were three weeks on the ocean and three months getting out of quarantine and out of New York.

Children Die in Quarantine.

Scant ceremony or sympathy was exercised at Ellis Island in those days in handling the hundreds of ???, of immigrants k??nding there. While in quarantine, Mr. and Mrs. Dostal lost two of their children, a child of three and a baby of nine months, who died of diphtheria. The mother was [denied] even the small comfort of seeing the bodies of her darlings or knowing what disposal was made of them.

[There are 2-3 words that I cannot make out-I believe that they indicate either during or after] quarantine the family was separated, and the poor mother, who had been ill all during the voyage was nearly crazed with anxiety and confusion.

A brother of Mrs. Dostal was [already] here and he was able in [help] bring the family to Mason county once they got free of the red tape surrounding their arrival and landing, and after that things were better for them. But naturally it took them some time to get on their feet starting as they did with no means.

Worked in Lumber Mills.

Mr. Dostal worked for some time in the lumber mills and later they acquired the land in north Amber where they developed the farm home that has ever since been the abiding place of the family.

Mrs. Dostal came to love America, and, though she worked very hard on the farm, carrying on there in the early days, when her husband ??? his work downtown and later with her sons after his death, she loved the place and was fixed in the idea that it was to be her home as long as she lived. She was richly content, declaring that life had yielded her richer blessings than she ever expected. She had lived to see her wish fulfilled for her children all of them educated for ?? life work, happily married, and prosperous. She declared that, though she would be happy to remain longer with them she felt that life for her was finished and was content to go.

Awaited Her Grandchild

The coming of the new little grandchild, the little daughter born at Paulina Sterns Hospital Friday to Mr. and Mrs. Will Dostal was an event for which she had eagerly looked forward. The baby was born six hours before the grandmother expired, but she was too ill to seize the fact.

Mrs. Dostal was a devoted and generous member of St. John's Lutheran church, never happier than when helping along in some way with the church work. She also found time to answer every call from friend or neighbor in sickness or need. In these things, and in her home, children and grandchildren, she centered her interest. She was fond of all children and seemed never to mind how many were around. Mother of 12 Children.

Of the 12 children born to her, five survive: Emil and Otto Dostal of Detroit, William of Ludington and Mrs. R. Blucker of Ludington, and Fred on the home farm: also three grandchildren. One son, Karl, died at the age of 19 years. The other six children died in early childhood.

All of the children gathered around the mother's bedside during the past week, while she was able to talk with them.

Funeral services will be held at 1:15 Monday afternoon from the home; 2:30 from St. John's Lutheran church, with burial in Lakeview cemetery. *Note: the condition of the article was poor, much ink was missing, so transcription has possible errors. Transcribed by D. Biggs


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