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Important News

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The Ludington Daily News

Thursday Feb. 9, 1928

Page 9, Columns 1-2


Home of Pioneer and Wife Has Been Center of Neighborhood Gatherings

Lived Exemplary Christian Life, Devoted to Family; Service Saturday.

With a seemingly ruthless hand, the Grim Reaper has entered the neighborhood of Amber, and during the past few weeks has taken one after another of the old friends of the community.

Wednesday evening at 8:30 Fay Parmelee answered the last call and passed into the Great Beyond. For several days the family and friends knew that his condition was critical, so that the message of his passing was not unexpected, but it brings with it sorrow to the host of friends who knew and loved the quiet, unassuming man.

To Amber in 1872

Fay Parmelee was born in Gilbertsmills, New York, August 16, 1851. With his parents he came to Michigan at the age of seven and when he was 21 he came to Mason county. This had since been his home.

May 8, 1877, he was united in marriage to Villa Moore and the 50 years of their married life have been spent in Amber, with the exception of five years in Ludington. He followed farming most of these years.

Eight children were born to them, the two oldest and the youngest passing away in infancy. Edwin at the age of eight months, Edward at 18 months and Gladys at two years of age.

Buyer of Produce

Upwards of 31 years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Parmelee and their family moved to Amber Station, which has been their home since. Here they increased their already large circle of friends, and their home became the center of the neighborhood gatherings. During those years Mr. Parmelee was engaged in buying produce at Amber.

As recreation, he loved to go with a friend or two to the streams and woods. He found his greatest pleasure in the out of doors. Books were to him real companions; he made them a part of his life, especially since his health was not good and he was unable to be about. But more than all, he loved his family and his friends. His children have the happy memory of a pal, one to whom they could go with joys and sorrows.

Celebrated Golden Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Fay Parmelee celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, May 8, 1927. At that time all of Amber united in honoring them with a community celebration at the hall.

Mr. Parmelee leaves to mourn his passing, his widow, three daughters, Mabel, Mrs. Jay Cooper, and Ella, Mrs. M. W. Chinnery, both of Scottville, and Mae, Mrs. Erne Taylor of Old Umtali, Africa, and two sons, Eugene, of Tall City, Wash., and Walker of Muskegon. Eleven grandchildren and one great-grandchild are members of the immediate family; also, one sister, Mrs. Emeline LaGuire of Flint, also a number of nieces and nephews.

Two of the children, Mrs. Taylor, who has now spent seven years in Africa and Eugene in Washington, are unable to come at this time. Mrs. Taylor and her husband were home two years ago, remaining here about one year. She with her husband are instructors in the Methodist Missionary school at Old Umtali, where Mr. Taylor also serves as pastor. Tho' many times longing for her, Mr. Parmelee rejoiced that she had chosen this worthy work.

Last Winter in West

Mr. and Mrs. Parmelee spent most of last winter with their son, Eugene, and family in the west. They enjoyed their stay, but were both glad to come back to their home here.

Mr. Parmelee has lived a religious life. His firm faith in his Saviour was manifest throughout his life and during his last illness he spoke to his Saviour as to a Father for whom he was waiting. He leaves a blessed memory to his family and his community.

Funeral Services Saturday

Funeral services will be held from the home in Amber Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. E. L. Sutcliffe officiating. Burial will be in the Rickey cemetery.

Transcribed by D. Biggs



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