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About the author:

Agnes Miller Marcellus was born November 7, 1876 in Browntown, Manistee County to Adam and Hannah Miller, immigrants from Germany. Shortly after her birth, the family moved to Victory Township, Mason County, Michigan. On September 2, 1897, Agnes married Ferdinand Marcellus. They had a farm on the corner of Townline and LaSalle Roads. At the time of writing this journal Agnes was 52 to 58 years old.

Agnes and Ferd had three children: Hazel (Rasmus Hansen), Floyd (Alice Dow), and Grace (Orel Campbell). She died three years after her husband on November 23, 1948 and is buried at Brookside Cemetery, Scottville, Michigan.



(note: the context of this journal was copied (spelling and grammer) as Agnes wrote it.)








Weather report etc. for year 1928


January 1- Blizzard all day then turned warmer, snow all gone except where it was piled up. a sample left there. bottom going out of road by Jan. 11. cloudy but not very cold, wind in north.

Jan.12- rained until noon then cleared.

13- wind blowing from west, real nice

14- mist and rain until noon, sunshine in p.m. Phebe and Will (Marcellus) spent the p.m. with us. Will and Ferd played horseshoes all afternoon.

Sunday- sunshine all day but cold. went to F. Owens at Fountain in p.m. met one car that was froze up.

Monday- foggy all day with sleet in p.m. light coat of sleet covering everything.

Tuesday- sunshine with wind in west.

Wednesday a beautiful, warm day, not a cloud in sight. at night it clouded up and was raining before morning.

Thursday- rained until noon, then turned to snow. snowed about 2 inches real soft snow large flakes, then turned to north and has been blowing hard, a real blizzard with zero Friday and Saturday.

Warmer and sunshine on Sunday and Monday. Tuesday turned cold and snowed a little.

Wednesday 25---cold and cloudy, wind in north with an ocasional flake of snow men are hauling manure to field, putting it in large piles for distributing in spring.

26--cold and stormy

27---cold, stormy and snowing. Floyd (Marcellus) started to haul gravel on road east for Frank Sterley. finished gravel job Feb. 3. put on 300 yards for Grant Township has been stormy for a week.


Turned warm on Feb. 3rd. thawed all night, all day 4th. bare ground in sight again. going to a party at Young's (Dave and Tillie) this eve. Feb. 4.

Feb. 5---clear and cold.

6th--- clear and cold

7th---rain all day

8---rain until noon cool with no snow.

11---sunshine, wind in north.

12---sunshine, thawing


14---rain all day, snow almost gone

15---colder, wind north. sleet in a.m. in eve. stars shining. Floyd and George Osborn went to Fountain got a load of coal.

16---started to put up ice hauling it on wagon 20-21 cakes to load. make 2 trips a day.

17---cold and sunshine

18---very cold wind

19---a real Michigan blizzard is sweeping over the earth started Sunday morning early.

20---is snowing and blowing. lots of ice everywhere.

21---cold, went to Ludington

22---cold in morn, by noon there was sleet flying then before night, raining hard, rained nearly all night then turned to snow with lots of wind.

Grandma Marcellus, Lois Marcellus, passed away Feb. 20th at Boyne City. was sent to Ludington by express, buried from the Geo. E. Dorrell Chapel, Feb. 23 at 2:00 in Lakeview Cemetery. a very nice afternoon.

24---a real blizzard again. wind from north and northwest. still hauling ice. a very slow job hauling with wagon. hauled 3 loads on sleighs, but not much snow.

25---finished ice job put in 225 cakes.

26---sunshine all day, but cold

27---sunshine, cold

28---cloudy, wind from s.e.



March 1---cold


5--- 2 above zero in morn. March has been cold up to 20 then turned warm road very muddy.

Night of 25th---rained hard.

26th---turned cold a real blizzard is raging.


Week of April 1---not so very bad weather, but road almost impassable.

8th---Easter Sunday. Grace and Orel (Campbell) (Agnes' daughter) were married and a very stormy day, long to be remembered, very cold. ice froze on window with a good fire in stove. then it faired up and not so cold by the end of the week.

Saturday, 14th--- Mildred (Young) and Mike's (Kusebuski) wedding day it was blowing a real hurrycane again snow piled up in drifts,

Sunday- it was a nice day. kinda cold. then several nice days.

Wednesday evening---it rained hard and thundered some, by morning it had turned to north. cold wind with some snow.

24---cold wind with snow flurries.

25---cold wind from north, sunshine

29---sunny, war, rained at night

30---windy, wind in south. went to Scottville and got clover seed. 100 lbs.


May 1---a beautiful morning. turned cows in door yard, picked their dinner. Ferd sowed 3 acres of clover seed, then wind blew too hard. will finish next day.

May 4---drilled 9 1/2 acres oats

May 9 ---drilled 11 acres oats. rained a little, some thunder.

Morning of 10th---wind turned to north, nice and sunshiney. hauled 6 loads of manure across into Grant for our garden. then dragged it in, marked and planted red potatoes.

May 24---sunshine and showers with cold sourth and s.e. wind. Youngs (Ted and Clara) left for Muskegon bag and baggage May 20th.

May 31---shininging, wind in s.w., but it's none to warm.


June 1---has been cold and windy.

June12---very hot

13---wind blowing hard from south all day

14---wind shifted to north and is cold again, sunshiney. started planting corn.

June 11---are planting 16 acres, cold resisting corn at $3.75 per bushel. finished corn June 15. dragged it over at once so crows can't see mark. cultivated garden in Grant.

15---sunshiney and warm. wind in south.

17---reunion day. rained hard at night. went to Ludington to Burt's (Marcellus) at night.

21---foggy and cool. summer began with a real summer like day. (true to name for once.)

22---foggy in morn. then cleared with bright sunshine. planting late potatoes.

June 24---we all went to Ludington. had dinner with Grace and Orel (Campbell), then went to Hamlin Dam. the road was sandy and crooked. when we got back, had supper. then came home, did chores and called it a day.

Monday 25---rainy

Tuesday morning cool, rain and mist nearly all night . in p.m. sunshiney and warm wind changed to west.

June 28---cloudy in morning, about 10:00, it started to rain. wind in s.e. cloudy all p.m. with now and again a sprinkle.


July started warm. went to Edgewater to spend the 4th.

July 6,7,8---excessive heat.

Sunday, 8th---the themometer registered 90 in shade at 6 o'clock p.m. thundered and lightened in eve.

9th---cool wind from the south, sunshiny. hauling first load of hay.

July 5---started using new potatoes. they are kinda small, but growing every day.


August 1---Tillie (Young, Agnes' sister) was here for dinner. sun is very hot.

Aug. 4---rain, rain all night and is still raining at noon. very nice weather all thru Aug. just enough rain to keep crops growing.


Sept. 1---cloudy

2---rain. went to Manton.

3---butchered hog, weighted 278 1/4 lbs. has been quite cold for several nights with wind in north, but no frost.

6th---is warmer again.

threshed Sept.4. had crew for supper.

first light frost, Sept. 27

had two loads of corn that was not cut, but it wasn't hurt much. filled silo Sept. 28. had 13 men for dinner and supper.

Sunday Sept 30---Rose and Phil (Elliott, Agnes' sister) drove down. persuaded them to stay until Monday. started out at 4 o'clock in morn. we had 24 guests for Sunday dinner in their honor. finished filling silos for all Oct. 2. it is very fine weather. wind blowing from south.


Oct. has been very nice and warm with some rain.

10th---wind has been blowing fierce all day and all night.

11th---wind has gone down at night, is nice and warm. wind in south, stars are shining. finished second cut clover Oct.10. had 5 loads, there is at least 7 tons.

it has rained some every day but one now 15 to 23 and is still sprinkling.

Dows stayed over night on the 22. then went on to Muskegon in the morning. has been cool all week of Oct. 21.

Saturday it rained all day. went to Ludington to Montgomery's opening day.

Sunday is cold, froze ice in stock tank. Sunday night, Monday cold. Wednesday warmer and cloudy Oct. 31.


November 1---cloudy, sprinkled a little

Nov.2---not so very cold

3rd---rained nearly all night and in morning of 3rd. then cleared and was nice.

4---nice and sunshiney.

5---wind. blew a real hurricane

6---wind in west. was blowing some at night. Wwind is gone down and has clouded. it may rain.

snowed a little night of 8th.

snow and rain 9th, not very cold. it's not freezing even. Floyd (Marcellus) is plowing.

Nov. 11---cold and cloudy. wind in south.

Nov. 12---rain, hail and cold. wind from north in a.m. in p.m. cold north wind. once in a while a sprinkle. started to use of the winters. Nov. 10 cool.

night of the 14, wind blew a hurricane all night and day.

15----blowing from west.


17---rain hard all day and all night.

18---showery and cold.

19---a little mist in a.m. rain and snow in p.m. and all night.

20---snow covered ground

21---snowing hard, big flakes. wind in s.w. in a.m. P.m. turned to north. snowing and cooler.

Saturday and Sunday 24 and 25---very cold, wind blowing from north, snowing. thermoter down to 18 above.

26---a little warmer. sun came out in p.m. took turks to Ludington. had dinner with Grace and Orel.

Tuesday---warmer, looks like rain. does sprinkle a little, wind in south.

opened silo Nov. 20 not more than 3 inches spoiled this year.

Nov. 29---Thanksgiving Day. we went to Grace and Orel's home at 611 N. Rowe St. for the day. sprinkled some. rained in night, then in morning turned to snow. large soft flakes. ground is covered.


Dec. 1---cloudy with snow flurries.

2nd---cloudy in a.m. P.m. sunshine for about 2 hours, then clouded up again. soft snow during the night. Bertha etc. (sister, who married Harry Ulrich) called in after visiting and supper guests at Rasmus Hansen home. stayed about an hour.

3rd.---are going to wash today. if it doesn't fair up, will hang clothes upstairs. rained so I took clothess off the line at night and hung them upstairs.

Tues.4th--- cloudy in the a.m., then in p.m. started to fine snow, not very cold. men are hauling sand around chicken coop. I am preparing butter for Ludington tomorrow if it's not too stormy. road is very muddy.

Wednesday---cold p.m. sunshine by installments.

Thursday---cold, ground froze again

Friday---snowing. some wind in north.

Monday---sunshine, a little in p.m. at night it cleared with heavy white frost.

Tuesday---warm and sunshiny. the atmesphere is hazy. Phebe and Will were here for supper on Dec. 10th. stayed until 11 o'clock at night. then in a.m. Tues. George Osborn walked in. Jim and Em Osborn, Warren Genson and Agnes and Will and Lucy Swimmer spent the evening here. had new bread and butter for lunch with grape juice to wash it down. road has been very muddy all week.

now Dec. 18, it is froze up again. had a real blizzard today the 18th. then at night it rained and hailed some. now at 11 o'clock at night, the starts are shining with hardly any wind. has been real cold for a few days.

20th---cold but real stormy.

21-22---not so bad, ground covered with snow. went to Lud. 22. Grace and Orel came home at 11 o'clock Sat. night. stayed until Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell and the boys spend Xmas day with us. had a very nice Xmas. Grace, Orel, Mr. and Mrs. C. Campbell, Wilbur and Ellsworth Campbell, Fred Osborn and we three enjoyed our day together. after dinner we drew the shades and lit the candles. it sure was nice.

Wed. 26---sunshine all day. snow almost gone. ground is thawing again. Xmas Day was harm and hazy.

27---a few clouds in the morning, winter sprinkle. by noon the sun was shining and warm like spring.

29---stormy and cold wind from the north. not much snow flying.

Sunday---nice winter day. Bert and family were here for dinner. in p.m. Phebe, Will, Vera and Walter Sutton and son Malcom came. stayed for supper. Grace and Orel came Saturday afternoon and stayed with us until Tuesday eve about 5:30. went home in a snow storm. we miss them very much.

Monday 31---in a.m. was hazy and by noon sun was shining. in p.m. about 4 o'clock it began to snow a little. Ferd, Floyd, Orel, Wilbur and Ellsworth went to Scottville to the Western horse sale.

Dec. 31 at evening we three went down to Hazel (Mrs. Rasmus Hansen, Agnes' daughter) to attend a party for Emma's 9th birthday. That ends the year 1928.




Weather report, etc. for 1929


Jan. 1---snowed a little all day, quite cold, by night the wind was blowing.

Jan.2---snows a little, cold at this minute. the sun shines a cold, yellow color.

Jan. 5---in a.m. sprinkled a little then by 11 o'clock, it began to rain. was delivering butter etc. rained and snowed all the time. my coat was a sorry sight, but dried it out again and it's alright.

6---stormy and cold

7---still storming like the dickens

Jan. was cold and stormy to the end.


started the ice job Feb.4, finished Feb. 12. put up 225 cakes. there was lots of snow. went to Ludington the 19th. the day wasn't so bad, but before we got home, it was so cold everything was covered with white frost. they say 25 below zero. in the morning it was 10 below. drove horses and sleighs. went by way of Scottville. the back road was drifted full.

Feb. 24---the first day since the first of January that the sun shone warm enough for to thaw. this has been a beautiful day.

Feb. 26---the first thaw of the winter. in the morning and until about 4 o'clock, mist was flying most of the time. wind blew just awful hard from south and s.east. then turned to west. blew until sometime in the night.

27---a lovely day. sunshine all day. thawed a whole lot. wind in the south.


March 1---a very nice day.

2-3-4-5---thawing days. 5 was a just beautiful day. went to Ludington with butter, etc. went with car. streets were just terrible...full of ruts. couldn't get of there when once you got into one and there were lots of them.

6---thawing and rain until about 4 o'clock, then turned to n.w. and north. O my! O my! how the wind and snow went over the face of the earth. blew all night and until after noon the next day. has been real cold with fine snow--just like February.

8---cold, windy. went to Freesoil for a load of coal. $9.20

9---cold, north wind. sun grins out once in a while. March has been kinda cold some days, but not much rain and not any snow but wind.

25----in the morning about 4:30 we awakened by a terrible thunder that just shook and rattled the windows, but it did not rain very much. then wind turned to north. white frost in the mornings.

28---it hasn't rained from it yet. a lovely day today. Floyd started plowing the upper 5 1/2 acres. I heard the first frogs of the season Sunday eve. March 24.

March 31---Easter Sunday. a very stormy day. went to Ludington to eat Easter dinner with Grace and Orel. Bert and family were there also. we had a very nice time. road was icy coming home.


April 1---a very bad blizzard blowing all day from north east. roads are full, didn't get mail today.

first week in April has been warm and lots of thunder and rain.

Sunday night, the 7th, wind changed to the north. is cold, but not any snow as predicted.

10th---wind blowing from the east. bright sunshine, but cold. Floyd fixing the car up the 10th. put in new piston rings, ground valves and cleaned carbon.

April 20--- went to Ludington with butter, etc. at night we went to Bertha's for roast rib dinner. Grace and Orel came home with us.

Sunday we went to rollway to gather trailing arbutius. had a very nice time.

finished plowing the oats, 21st. bright sunshine, but wind is still blowing from the north. just as the ground was ready for oats on the first 10 acres, it began to rain again and has been at it for almost a week now. ground is soaked to full capacity.

April 30---has been raining almost all day. thunder in the distance now at 9:00 at night. it's lightening and thrunder. will rain again without a doubt. butchered two hogs April 27.


May 1---cold, white frost every night. sowed 9 1/2 acres oats.

May 7,8---sowed 100 lbs clover seed.

Morning of 9th---heavy rain night and morning of the 10th. and 11th. wind is blowing hard from the south. turned cows in pasture across the road.

May 12---Mother's day, Grace and Orel brot me a lovely pot of tulips. a very nice day.

13---Floyd has started the drag again ground is wet but the oats must be sowed. it is real summer like, sun is so warm and not much wind.

15---rec'd 29 wyandott chicks from Lawerence hatchery, all very nice, gave them to one hen. in the evening it rained and thundered and lightened just terrible, wind had been blowing hard all day from the south, then turned to the north

in the morning, 16, the roofs were covered with snow. then by afternoon, wind changed to south west and south,

17---blowing cold from the S.W. little chicks are doing well,

fed last silage May 20. have fed twice a day for about 3 or 4 weeks

drilled 9 1/2 acres oats May 21.

then it rained again 23rd to wet to work the ground.

a very nice day 26.27 excessive heat sowed cabbage seed in afternoon

28--- foggy

started planting corn May 29.

bot seed from Harold Elliott at Buckley 49 lbs are planting with fertilizer 2-12-6 at $2.41 per 125 lbs has been very warm and sunshiny

31---clear with wind from N.W.


June 1---cold wind from North finished planting about 7 acres flint corn 24 rows Canadian flint

2---howled cold wind from north

heavy frost-morning of 3rd wind still from the north.

June 6-7---planted 5 acres dark red kidney beans. planted most of them with fertilizer. 2-12-6 1 sack 4-16-4

rec'd 50 chicks from State Farms assocate June 5 at $7.00

8---is still cold wind from the north. money spent for fertilizer $15.15. $14.40 bean seed

turned Ruth and Roamy out to pasture June 10

13---rain in afternoon

14---cloudy in a.m.--sunshiny in p.m. wind from the north

June 16---reunion day. it sure was a lovely day. was cloudy in the morning but before noon the sun was shining hot.

17---sunshiny and hot wind blowing quite hard from the s.w.

planted 8 acres corn June 25 2 bu. Minnesota no.13

had a real rain June 27 rained all day.

28---wind turned to n.w.

29---in the morning, will be a nice day. ground is wet but cultivating is going on. quack grass is the limit


July 4--- spent the day in Ludington

planted 2 acres cabbage July 9-10-11

night of 12 and morning of 13 it rained in torrents, hard thunder.

Floyd went to Boyne City 13 returned 15 about 4 o'clock.

cut first hay Monday 15

p.m. July 25 have neglected writing. but nothing of importance has happened. lots of hot days.

July 24---in the eve had a hard thunder storm got about 5 loads clover wet


August has been dry, extremly hot then cold but did not freeze


Sept 2---buried Estella May Marcellus in South Victory cemetry.

7th---we went to Boyne City came back Sunday eve. at 9:30 it has been very dry.

pulled beans Sept 11

Wed. Thurs. and Friday rained

the 16th, 17th cold wind from the north. men have gone to look for the corn binder.

18-19-20---heavy frost,

cut corn 4 balls twine 20-21

filled silos started Sept. 23

filled ours the 24 had crew for supper

25---very hot then toward evening got cooler but no rain

26---bright sunshine, wind from the east

September has been dry, lots of nice sunshiney days.


Oct.1---frost at night nice sunshine. not to hot or to cold wind from the north. put 3 sacks hydrated lime and about 1 1/4 -50lb sack of salt on the cabbage for green worms. sprayed the field once with black leaf, 40, for aphis. Mrs. Nellie Roe and Leona Anderson came at 9:00 Tuesday evening, stayed all night and until afternoon next day.

2nd---sunshiny and warm a good fall for doeing work but ground is dry for plowing

Oct.20--- Rose and Phil (Elliott) came to spend the day, left for home (Buckley) about 10 at night.

21---cool, wind from north

Oct 22-23--- rainy and cold

24---cold with mist at times Bot new battery for car Oct. 24 price $9.00

Oct. 29---took mother and Willis Gurnsey home to Manton, rained most of the day

Thursday 31 rain.


November 1---a good day, a little cold

2---lovely sunshine. put roofing on the house.

3---nice fall day---in the evening it thundered and lightened in the north

4---wind is cold from the north Floyd is plowing

Nov. 6---cold north wind


8-9---lovely days

10-11-12---cloudy, and damp cool. finished roofing Nov. 11

12-13-14-15-16-17---very nice days, heavy frost at night

Nov 19---first snow of the season. ground is covered, at 8:30 in the evening still snowing haven't had much rain.

finished cutting cabbage Nov. 15

then on the 19th hauled the cabbage fodder to the barn

20-21-22---very cold with some snow,

22---made a fire in tank heater, ice was from 2 to 4 inches thick

23---cold s.w. wind

24---cold with snow,

25---thawing wind in South

26---thawing, ground sloppy. hauled cabbage to the celler, at night it rained a little then turned cold

some snow 27 cold, hauled sand to hen house

28---very cold, went to Ludington to Grace and Orel's for Thanksgiving dinner, had a good time. left for home at 10 min to 5 o'clock it was cold and storming north from Scottville it was storming and snowing so hard couldn't see the road at times

29---very cold and stormy, in the morning the pump barrel was frozen.

30---stormy and cold in a.m. in p.m. moderating wind changed to West.


December 1---cold wind blowing from S.E. snowing and blowing cold all day in evening wind changed to South is some warmer

2nd---stormy, some snow flying. wind from north. about 3:30 Leonard and Lillian Dow and daughter Alice drove in. Came from Charlevoix. were on their way to Muskegon to stay the winter. left here about 8:30 Tuesday morning the 3rd.

Bessie (cow) died in the night. Klemm was sick for a week gave medicine every 3 hours at night and day called Dr. Frye 5th at night.

Cold with wind from all quarters, but E and S.E the coldest

15---not so terrible cold Grace and Orel came home for the day in evening Lester (Marcellus) and family came to spend the evening.

16---cloudy E & S.E. wind

17---everything was covered with a thin coat of ice (sleet) in the morning continued that way all day, doesn't seem to thaw any. wind is still from the east and south east started to fine snow from the east about 3:30 p.m. 17th (opened silo Dec. 4. fed first meal for dinner)

18---cold wind from N.E.

morning of 19, fine snow 3 above at 7 in the morning by noon snowing some still cold. Merretta Ione Campbell was born December 21st, 1929, at 7:20 Saturday morning.

Sunday 29---snow quite hard in p.m.


31---sunshiny and warm. Em Osborn was buried 31st at 2:00 in P.M Grace was taken very sick 30th. I went down and stayed with her for 4 days. We were all very thankful to have her get better again. was stricken down with Pulmanary Emblism. it's an awful thing to have.

Thus ends the year 1929----Can't say much in it's favor.



Beginning of Year 1930

January 1---nice sunshiney day

2---warm, thawing

3---snowed hard in the night. stormy in a.m. in p.m. not so bad

4---cold wind from S.E. sunshine all day

5---sunshine wind blowing hard from south & S.W.

6---hard wind from south all day, in evening began to rain. rained nearly all night, then turned to northw. and froze up.

7---went to Lud. cold all day

8---snowed a little in the night wind from northeast, cloudy

10---a lovely sunshiny day, wind kinda cold 8-10 below at daylight

11---cloudy E & S.E. wind

12---in the morning it had rained a little, it's not so cold, wind from S.W. rain about noon ground still covered with snow.

13---wind from N.E. sunshine in a.m. cloudy in p.m. at night mist,

14--- rain until about 5 p.m. then wind began to blow is still blowing hard at 9 o'clock.

Jan. 25---has been cold, around zero above and below---from 14 is still storming from north, not so very much snow but enough for the wind to pile around. have been ready for town since 22, but it has been to cold and stormy.


From Feb. 1 to 7---cloudy and cold

8---sunshine, thawing on south side of buildings, winds from south and southwest.

9---snow and blow in the morning, about 9:30 cleared with heavy wind all day by night-wind from N.W. & N.


12---thawing, rain then turned to snow, large flakes

13---bright sunshine, thawing all day. went to Ludington with butter etc. streets were all slush and water

14-15---cold wind and snow

16---cold but not so stormy


18, 19---thawing ground is being uncovered, wind from south, John Hansen is butchering two pigs here this a.m.

20---thaw all day, snow almost gone lots of water, a real lake in the end of lane at 9 o'clock at night 37 above

21---thawing lovely shunshine, Just like a spring day wind from south

22---cloudy in a.m. with warm south wind about noon it began to thunder and lighten, then it poured. rained all afternoon.

23---just like spring, a soft wind from west clear and sunshiney. saw first blue bird in the morning. Grace, Orel and Merretta came home today. was a lovely day. Floyd picked trailing arbutis all budded in a short time they will be blossoming.

24---warm in s.m. started to rain about 3:30. rained nearly all night--thunder and lightening, wind from east. spent the afternoon at Bertha's (Ulrich, her sister)

25---cloudy, some rain showers East wind in p.m. cooler and cloudy rain at night freezing by morning the ground is covered with snow

26---cloudy, 22 above wind still in the east


March came in stormy.

Tuesday 11---very stormy wind turned to North and northwest has been a real blizzard all afternoon. wet snow driven along by a heavy north wind.

March 15---cloudy in p.m. rained a little at night

cleared 16th nice sunshiny day

17---rained during the night in a.m. cloudy- cleared in p.m. wind from north

A real blizzard started 18th-19-20 wind from north and north East, snow piled up in drifts. not so very cold. evening of 20th 24 above. it's still cloudy but the wind isn't blowing.


Dec. 26---cloudy all day with a little fine snow in morning.

27---cloudy all day. quite cold wind

28---cloudy all day a few crumbs of snow in the morning

29---stormy, fine snow in a.m. with north west. P.m. a real blizzard from north

30---in a.m. stormy from north p.m. wind changed to S.W. sunshining ocassionally.

31---wind blowing from N.W in a.m. not as cold as yesterday P.m. stormy with snow, strong North wind blowing until about 9:30 in eve. thus ends the year 1930


Beginning January 1, 1931 with a nice sunshiney morning just a few clouds in the sky not much snow, small drifts here and there just to remind one it is winter.

2---cloudy and warmer

3---a lovely day sunshine most of the day

4---a beautiful day, just like spring wind from south. Grace, Orel and Merretta were home for dinner.

5---wind from east and N.E. cloudy most of the day sprinkled and snowed a little by night the wind changed to the north, all clouded up

6---cold, wind and cloudy, Bertha, Harry (Ulrich) and Arthur (Miller) were here in evening to hear the radio.

7---cold north wind, sunshine part of the day.

8---cloudy, with south and s.west wind

9---cloudy, heavy sky in a.m. sunshine in p.m. west wind 29 above at 3 o'clock

10---a very spring like day, thawing most of the day at night it snowed a soft, large flake snow. Jim Osborn and Walt Hill were here for supper. then we all went to Fountain to Nell and Oscar's got home at 3:45 Sunday morning.

11---thawing all day, wind s.w. and south. cloudy most of the day. snow is nearly gone. went to Summit, and surprised Grace, Orel and Merretta. stayed for dinner and until 5 o'clock. the week of the eleventh has been very nice, mild with lots of sunshine

Jan. 18---nice in a.m. started to snow about 5 o'clock. quite a fit fell during the night and until noon the 19th. sunshine in p.m. then it clouded up again, but is now snowing.

20-21---snow flurries and snowing morning of 21. 5 above zero

22---snowing all a.m. in p.m. sunshine

23---cloudy in a.m. wind from south in afternoon sunshine wind s.e.s

25---a very nice forenoon, then at about eleven oclock it clouded up but no snow, we went to Grace and Orel's for dinner. got back home about 6 oclock nice day. not cold

26-27---nice days wind from south and south east

28---wind blowing from south at noon it began to snow a wet-driving snow. snowed all afternoon at night the wind changed to north west, by morning it had shifted to the north.

29---clearing 9:30 sunshining it sure is nice days. clouded up again in afternoon, wind changed to south east by night. snowed some at dark.

30---cold wind blowing from south a few flakes of snow then in afternoon wind changed to the north, misted toward evening.

31---went to Ludington with butter etc. streets very icey and full of holes filled with water


Feb. 1---Sunday a nice day sunshining most of the day, but wind is cold from south. Phebe and Will came in the afternoon. Fred Osborn was here also.

2---ground hog day! sunshine and thawing all day.

Feb. 9---Ferd and Floyd went to Ludington to play violin and Bones and Piano for the broadcasting. a real blizzard during the afternoon and in evening when we came home the storm was over. went to Bert's. had coffee and visited a while then stopped at Bertha's on way home

has been real nice weather a little cold occasionaly.

12---foggy in forenoon then fog dispersed about 5:30 thunder and lighten wind from south and s.east while it thundered the wind changed to north, it snowed, when it should have rained with a thunder storm. it is thawing, not much snow on ground, very icy

the remainder of Feb has been fine, lots of sunshine. could leave potatoes over night in basket in the shed. they did not freeze. Grace, Orel and Merretta have moved up on the farm. Came home Feb. 18. cleaned and got their house in readiness, then moved their household goods from Summit.


March has not been so good more cold and wind than Feb a blizzard started in evening of 7th snowed and blowed all night and all day 8th. wind from north east



11---wind has subsided. 8 men worked until 1 o'clock p.m. digging out the road drifts by Sam's place are about 8 feet high, they cut the wire on John's fence and drive around on his hill.

12---sunshine part of the day, started to thaw about ten o'clock. in afternoon Floyd and I went to Fountain roads are fairly good.

16---misty in a.m. wind from the north

17-18---cold wind

19---sunshine, wind from n.e.

20---thawing not a cloud in the sky, not much snow left, road is getting bad.

21---thawing, wind from north

22---sunshiny and warm all day

23---real warm wind from s.e.,south, west, and n. west then changed to east before we went to bed.

24---raining from the east. just patches of snow left where the drifts were largest

25---a fine rain from north by noon the sky began to fair up at night the moon and starts are shining. colder, wind from north

26---cold wind wind from north cold with sunshine most of the time. white frosts at night the end of March.


April first week in April cool with white frosts at night wind from north

8---quite spring like clear and cool and not rain in sight. roads are drying up fast some places are even dusty. first 2 weeks in April very dry. sowed 7 acres of oats, seeded with alfalfa and red clover

April 15---thundered quite hard

16---looked real rainy, rained just enought to lay the dust in a.m. then it showered in p.m.

17---went to Grace and Orel's for supper, cool and clear

18---clear and warm in a.m. windy in p.m. drilled 5 1/2 acres oats and seeded with alfalfa, 68 lbs to seed

19---cloudy, wind from north and east

22-23---drilled 8 acres oats. has been cold all week.

26---snow on ground in the morning by noon it was gone, we packed our lunches and went over to Grace and Orel's had dinner then drove on the plains and down to the lake, picked Arbutus

27-28-29-30---cold windy days some white frosts and hard freeze.


May 1---cold south and s.west wind in the forenoon, in the afternoon a little warmer. wind blowed hard all day, in the evening it clouded but no rain

2 in the morning 2nd, misted from the north by afternoon the sun is grinning thru cold wind from the north

3rd---sunshine all day but not very warm. we went to visit Bert and Adele in their new home at Baird's. they were not at home, so came back by town hall. found them at Lidke's fixing tires. they came home with us stayed to supper. when supper was almost ready, Phebe and Will came and Grace, Merretta and Orel. seemed like old times to have them all here once more

4th---wind from north blowing hard

5---warmer, wind blowing hard from south

6---when we awoke this morning it was raining a nice easy rain from the north has been raining all day. Grace and Merretta came home this afternoon. have had several nice rains.

May 18---started to rain in evening, rained all night and all day 19th and nearly all night 20th.

20---sunshining wind from s.w. rain delayed corn planting.

21---cold north wind, frost at night

22---cold- west wind, shunshine and partly cloudy

23---cool. wind from west went to Ludington. Ferd and Floyd planted 3 acres corn in field south of the house

24---partly cloudy, sprinkled in the morning. We six went to Burt's for dinner and stayed the afternoon

25---cold north wind. clear, mabe it will freeze tonight. planted early potatoes, sweet corn, strawberry plants. first row and 2/3 from fence are from Orel's farm the balance from Tillie's (Young).

26---planted 3 acres corn in upper field just a perfect day and evening

27---warm, and clear wind blowing hard from s. and s.w. at night it's just fine bright moonlight

28---hot south west wind blew hard all day.

29---rained a shower in the morning cloudy until noon. got real hot in the afternoon then by 5 o'clock wind turned to the north was real cold. Orel helped mark ground for corn then they planted it six acres on the new ground. Grace came and got dinner and supper while I was at town.

30---cloudy in the morning, by noon the sky cleared. cold north blowing all day Floyd and I went to Young's at noon got a little pig then I went to Scottville.

31---cold north wind. sunshine all day. heavy frost by night


June 1--- wind changed to south but it's kinda cool.

sun is shining hot

first week in June has been cold.

3-4----planted corn in Grant

June 7---cold north wint altho the sun is shining one cow started a good warm coat on their body. Grace and Orel and Merretta, Phebe and Will were her in p.m. and stayed for supper

8---still cold north wind but by night has changed to south

9---cold south wind, cloudy in forenoon, at noon started to rain. continued all afternoon about dark, clouds broke away

10---in the morning cloudy, by noon cleared, and warmer planted potatoes, beans in Grant at 5'oclock planted early cabbage and 3 doz tomatoes.

the last two weeks of June were extreemly hot and lots of rain.

26---had a very severe wind, rain and hail, then very hot tempeture was 87-90 in the shade

108 in the back step at 3 o'clock.


cut first hay July 1 then raked it and piled it while yet green? cut about 3 acres more July 2

2---rained a good shower in the morning. set 225 cabbage plants has been real summer for the last week.

July 7---Harry W.(Whitaker) is suposed to have planted his corn

9---started to haul in hay. it's hot day time. at night it's good to cover up warm wind from the north most of the time. Very hot and dry the remainder of July cows dryed off one half in milk


August 1---hot and dry with cloudy and thundering in the distance

2---a good rain about 4:30 in the morning. thunder and just poured cloudy and very balmy

Aug. 8---a good rain everything is growing fine.

9---went to Orel and Grace home for a birthday dinner. Ferd and Grace celebrated together. Grace's on the 11th, Ferd's 6th.

11,12,13,14----very cool at night hot in the day time

Aug 16---sunshiny and very warm. rained a little shower in the morning

17---clear and hot wind down south east

20's---cold nights and hot daytime, very dry are feeding cows corn fodder twice a day.


Sept. 1---a shower in the morning. very nice during the day. cool at night

2---started to cut drilled corn in p.m.

3---cut corn all day, hot between the rows. rained a good shower in the night

4---am getting ready for town we dressed 6 ducks, baked bread am making jelly about 12 o'clock at night- just finished it

12---finished cutting corn 10 a.m. very hot and dry 1,073 shocks in all

13---went to visit Burt and Adele wind blowing just awful hard about 3:30 p.m. it started to rain and we head it for home at 10:30 in the night an awful electric storm swept the county

14---hot all day rain at night

15---partly cloudy and cooler

16---rain in a.m. wind from east

(August 11---fed cows green corn for first time, twice a day until Sept. 24. that finished a 2 1/2 acred field in Grant)

Sept 25---raining hard, fed cows in the barn


Oct. 10---cold wind all day, first hard frost at night

13---rain in p.m.

Oct. 13-14-15---rain ground is soaked but it's not cold wind has changed to s.w. again. Oct 19---People's State Bank closed its doors. They are open for collections now

Oct 22-23---finished husking corn went out to haul corn this morning, began to cloud up, just got 2 piles when it began to rain we went for home got in just in time, has been raining hard all morning and at 2 o'clock it is still at it.

finished husking the last part of Oct. had 800 bu.


Nov. cool first week rained quite a lot.

Floyd started plowing the 9th

Grace had a surprise birthday party at her home for me and I sure was surprised. we all stayed and had breakfast then went home just as day was breaking

13---a beautiful day. not a cloud in sight

15---rained all day from s.e. warm wind blowing

16---cloudy and misting in a.m. in the afternoon we went to T. E. Moores. Stayed until 2 o'clock came home and had supper did chores and went to Hazel's stayed until 11:30.

17---foggy until about 9 then it cleared away sun is shining, warm south to east wind

18---warm, sunshine most of day

19---cloudy, south wind

20---cloudy in the a.m. in p.m. rain a lot of wind at night we went to P.T.A. at Diamond School house. wind from the south it was a terrible storm some rain

21---cloudy, wind from south

22---rain most of the day. tonight it's raining everything is soaked s.e. wind

we had a terrible wind from s & s.e. for 2 days and nights

23---warm and rainy wind from south

14---rain and a terrible wind in p.m. turned cold ground was frozen in the morning of 25th for the first time this fall. A few crumbs of snow fell.

26---Thanksgiving day, cold, but a very nice morning. Floyd put the tank heater up and made a fire. have 2 chickens with dressing in the oven, will bake a cake and pumpkin pie for dinner. We ate Thanksgiving dinner at Hazel's took one roasted chicken, pumpkin pie and some butter, she had roasted rabbit, mashed potatoes and gravy, baked beans, squash, pickles, cake, bread and butter.

the rest of the month has been cool not much rain


Dec. 1-2----cloudy and cool

3---a very nice sunshiny day wind from south west

4---cloudy this morning not very cold, there was a white frost. wind from north east. Glen Webster died this morning at his home two miles east from Ferry. (Glen was Agnes' sister, Martha's husband)

5.---cold s.e. wind has been down to 10 above

7---wind blowing hard this morning are getting ready to go to Glen's funeral. cold north wind with some snow drifting. road is icy got there at 11:45. he was buried at two from the church. got home at 6:15 just enough snow to cover ground.

8---south east wind. some sunshine but cold went to Ludington in p.m.

9---it has turned warmer snowed a nice snow all forenoon. went to Grace and Orel's stayed for dinner in p.m. has stopped snowing sunshines by installments, water drops from roof

10-11---cloudy and cool

12--- partly cloudy, cool

13---cloudy, a little fine snow in p.m. a little mist

14---in a.m. shunshine real agreeable weather

15---sunshiney day, let the hens out clouded up at night wind s.w. to w.

16---cloudy in the morning ground is grozen hard. by noon it is summer like. of course wind is cool from n.w. sunshine 12 dandolions blossoming on the bank of the ditch by the barn.

17-18-19-20----real spring like, some cloudyness and some mist and sunshine. in the 20's We three, Grace, Orel and Merretta went to Bert's near Pentwater

21---cloudy with mist in the evening. we went to Grace and Orel's for supper for Merretta's 2nd birthday. Mrs. Campbell, Wilbur and Ellsworth were there too. had a very nice supper and also visit.

22---winter begins with a slow rain has been raining all morning. warm, s.e. wind blowing

23---we went to Buckley. left the house as the clock was striking six, got back at 8:45 at nite

24---s.e. wind foggy, by noon thunder rained hard then some snow but didn't stay

25---a nice day. Grace, Merretta, Hazel, Emma and Rasmus were here for xmas dinner. We had a tree

26-27-28----very agreeable weather

29---Floyd and I left for Buckley at 10:15 am and returned 6:45 p.m. it was a perfect day. not any snow here but a little at Norwalk then as we went north there was more Bear Lake had ice on it. At Buckley the road plow had been out. East and s.e. wind all week between xmas and N.Y.




1932. We all hope for a good and prosperous year.


January 1---spent the last few hours of the old year at Hazel's, the ocassion being Emma's 12th birthday. the new year was usuered in with sleet covering everything.

2---warmer snow began to melt

3---warm S.E. wind a little snow left. Grace, Merretta and Hazel were here today, had coffee with me

4---finished washing, dryed clothes indoors some snow flying, by p.m. it is raining some at night about 11:30 has been raining hard. East wind.


9-10---snow, S.W. wind

12---misting butchered hog weighed 314 lbs. spring pig. got it from Youngs

the night of eleventh rained all night snow gone not any frost in the ground.

13---cloudy, wind from s.w.

14---cloudy. sleet at night

15---went to Ludington sold beef, pork and also butter wasn't such a bad day streets were slippery

16---cloudy, cold

17---not such a bad day sun grinned out in p.m. we went to Grace and Orel's stayed for supper

18---wind in north by night it shifted to the west

19---wind in the south, thawing in p.m. not any snow

20--- the same as the day before

21---very foggy and damp

22-23---cloudy, warm grass is green went to Fountain to Nell and Oscar's Saturday evening was freezing some

24---cold, south west wind Bert and family were here in the afternoon stayed for supper

25---ground frozen this morning hauled one load of corn fodder by noon was thawing

26---white frost this morning, wind from south, cloudy in a.m. snow in p.m.

27---the ground was covered with snow in the morning. by noon it was almost gone! warm sunshine ground all thawed up. Grace and Merretta were here all day. enjoyed it very much.

28---cold south east wind frozen ground in morning. white frost clear and windy by noon then turned warmer 36 tonight was 52 above in Chicago this afternoon

29---thunder, rain and hail at 4:45 in the morning Foggy all forenoon, then by noon the wind began to blow, turned much colder

Saturday 30---two above at Freesoil. it was 2 below early in the morning. was going to Ludington but gave it up fine snow blowing all day plants froze down had them upstairs in the south room covered with papers.

31---cold wind


Feb. 1---went to Ludington with butter, etc. still cold, about 11 above in the morning. has been cold and cloudy all week. Just enough snow to haul the corn stalks from field with sleighs.

7---cold s.e. wind during the night. it blew a regualar hurricane wind changed to n.w.

8---wind blowing cold, sunshines out occasionly

9---cold, s.e. wind, by noon it began to get warmer, about 5 oclock rain, snow and some fine hail. kinda slippery

10---a very nice morning birds chirping around in the trees cloudy, a warm looking horizon at night a thunder storm came up. disconected the radio must have rained in torrents

11--- very foggy in the morning, then rained hard, foggy until noon clouds broke, sunshine part of p.m. wind s.e. and s. about 3:30 wind began to blow a real hurrycane and is still at it at 9:30.

Changeable all week.

16---warmer, misty, by night, it rained, rained at night

17---colder, snow flurries

18---e.s.e. and s. wind not thawing at all

19---cloudy with snow flurries cold n.w. wind

20---sunshiny, in the morning 14 above. ground frozen hard

21---Sunday, lovely warm day. top of the ground all mushy. sunshine all day. had an old time Sunday. just as we were starting lunch, Bert and family drove in then we put on more dishes, when wer were washing dishes, Harry (Ulrich), Dave and Tillie (Young) came. then Grace, Orel and Merretta. Bert and family went to Hazel's. the rest stayed for supper. had a good visit. lovely moonlight at night. about 9:30 Millie, Mike and Bernard (Kusebuski) came to spend the evening.

22---cloudy, wind changed to the north, ground froze up again.

23---wind from north 10 above zero this morning. cold all day snow flurries. ground feed today.

24---north wind, cold

25---in the morning the wind had changed to the s.e. rather cool, sunshine most of the day a very nice day. ground all thawed sold 2 cows, Klem and Polly, to M. Schoenberger

26---a beautiful day, white frost this morning, went to pay taxes then on to Ludington, got car numbers 1-059-928 also got 2 B.-batteries $5.44 by night it rained a nice shower

27---cloudy, wind from west shifting to the north. by morning it had gone to the south. went to Youngs at night after chores were done up. stayed until 5 o'clock Sunday morning.

28---foggy in a.m. then wind came up and was just cloudy. sprinkled a little wind from s and s.w.

29---cloudy, not much change in temperture


March 1---a nice day, sunshine

2---snowed a wet, soft snow in a.m. e. wind by noon it was almost rain in p.m. not such a bad day, cloudy and quite warm. Floyd and I went to Ludington with butter etc. then we called on Bert and Adle. had coffee with them. when we got home Grace, Orel and Merretta were here, stayed for supper.

3---cloudy, a little snow on the ground. Hazel came up, had dinner here

4---a beautiful day, sunshiney all day. could see the snow disapear we sat on the back step in the sun, was just like spring.

5---cloudy, wind from s.e.south started to snow, then wind changed to n.w. blowed some

6---blizzard from n.w. went over to Grace and Orel's had coffee then came back Floyd got kindling

7---cold, blizzard from n.w. stormed all night before and all day. not very much snow but what there is, is piled up

8---still storming, 6 above this morning

9-10---blizzard, but not much snow on the ground wind keeps it going.

11---not quite so much wind in forenoon, in afternoon it was real decent

12---sunshine, snow flurries and just enough wind to turn the mill. men hauled up wood poles have a nice pile of them wind n.n.w and west

13---Sunday, west wind until afternoon then shifted to the north again. snow flurries all day, some sunshine, Grace and Merretta came across the field in the afternoon. then at 5:30 Orel came and we all ate supper.

14---stormy north wind

15---partly cloudy moon change

16---quite a nice day

17---cloudy and cold in the morning, we went to Ludington, Floyd got his shoes in the afternoon some warmer. West wind

18---a lovely forenoon sunshine and warm afternoon started to snow from south at night the fog horn is blowing it is snowing from the east

butchered Andrew H(a pig) 24th then 25 cut it up in verious cuts

26--- went to Ludington sold it all but a few pieces of boiling meat.

in the evening we went to Mildred and Mike's (Kusebuski) had a good time playing Pinocle and visiting, had lunch, got home at 3:00 o'clock in the morning.

27---Easter Sunday, wind from East, we saw a robin in the top of the poplar tree this morning. also saw a killdeer and mud hen spring must be around the corner. We were at Grace and Orel's home for easter dinner. stayed the afternoon very sleepy ground is almost bare. wind change from e. to s. to w. then by evening to north.

last week in March very changeable

30th---we went to Bertha's(Ulrich) for her birthday stayed until 3 o'clock in the morning


April 1---cold north west wind in the forenoon, partly cloudy in the afternoon, s.w. wind not so cold. about 5 p.m. began to sprinkle, by 8:30 a soft snow was sifting straight down. Grace and Merretta came in the afternoon stayed about an hour.

2---rain and snow sleet nearly all day crust covers the earth and trees. Hazel and Rasmus made a change and got the Deed to their farm.

3---cold and cloudy, wind from n.e. some snow falling

Sam Genson died April 1. to be buried April 3. We are planning on going to the funeral. has been quite decent all week, road has become dry and dusty.

10---nice, sunshiny day we went to visit T.E. Moore's in the afternoon.

11---cool north wind in the forenoon, Ferd took the hoe and cut quack grass on the field to be seeded. in the afternoon it began to blow and snow and got much colder. stormed all night.

12---still storming, but not much snow what little there is, is piled up

20---Drilled 3 acres oats in the afternoon seeded with common alfalfa. cloudy this morning, but cleared again. real warm and dry East wind

21-22-23-24-25---cold, east and north east wind. sunshine most of the time real dry we need some moisture

26---in the morning at day break the ground is covered with snow and still snowing like winter 28 above. snowed off and on all forenoon sometimes real bizzardy cold north wind at noon the sun came out snow about gone.

27---sowed 3 3/8 acres oats on field south of the house, seeded with Grinn alfalfa. froze hard at night of 26th. sunshine all day 27 wind changed to the south. left cows out all day didn't feed them for dinner.

28---south wind and warmer. Floyd draged the 6 acres new ground then started to plow it in the afternoon.

April 30---went to Ludington. cool wind


May 1---sunshine, but cool wind. Phebe, Will, Lewis Marcellus and family came in p.m. stayed until about 9 oclock

5---sprinkled some most of the day. Merretta stayed here while Grace and Orel set raspberry plants. Rose (Elliott) sent 150 plants from Buckley, rec'd them the 5th at night we had a hard rain with thunder, wind from south east

6--- real hot and thrifty, set raspberries in a.m. in p.m. dressed hens and made butter during the night we had another thunder storm. it must have poured, water everywhere

7---real foggy, and cooler went to Ludington, rained by showers

24---planted 4 acres corn on the south field sprinkled just a little at night it looked very much like rain

25---in the forenoon I went to Grace's and finished papering her kitchen at noon Orel came over and helped Floyd mark another 4 acres then we planted. it started to thunder and rain so we went to supper and chores. Then in the morning of 26th Ferd finished so that makes 8 acres planted by May 26. showers off and on all day at 6:00 there was a heavy black fog came drifting over from the west.


June 1---plowed 3 acres new ground started to cultivate morning of 8th cold north wind has been cold north wind all week. cold at night and hot and very dry during the day. finished cultivating corn one way by June 13

14---working on the new plowed ground, preparing for potatoes and fodder. wind from the west and south west, some cloudy it may get to rain some day.

June 29--- has been very dry, some frost reported evening of 23. this morning we had a wonderful rain, seems to be a life saver for all the crops. planted tomato and cabbage in p.m.

30---a very thrifty morning. light clouds over the sky. it may rain again.


July 24---hot, south wind everyday. Grace, Orel and Merretta came for dinner

25---hot, south wind, very dry.

July has been very dry. hoppers have been bad, destroyed lots of crops, oats cut for feed as hoppers damaged them to much for threshing. they were very thin on the field, to dry


August---we had a nice rain the first week in August. then another the 9th. corn is growing good. we are cleaning thistles and grass out of it. sun has been very hot the last two weeks. finished hoeing corn 19th.

Aug. 16-17 cut what alfalfa dared to grow and piled it up.

the night of 21st had a good rain and is still warm. perhaps it will rain again. went to Grace and Orel's for dinner. we looked for Rose and Phil all forenoon, but they did not come.

August 31---sunshining all forenoon. very warm. Eclypse of the sun began about 2:15 p.m. shadow gradually crept over the sun then when 2/3 covered it passed upward the sun looked like a quarter moon not very much brighter, the atmosphere looked dull, not much warmth from the little disc of sun. about 4 oclock a thunder storm came up almost directly after the eclypse we went over to Grace and Orel's and looked at the eclypse with them. then Grace and Merretta came home with us. rained while we were there.


September 1---rather cool wind shifted to the north some cloudy.

2--- warmer 71 in the shade at noon wind from south east

7---started corn cutting in the afternoon Vera (Mrs. Walter Sutton) and family were here for dinner and supper.

Sept 15---finished cutting corn haven't had frost yet but it is kinda chilly wind from the north

18---Rose and Phil came at 10:20 stayed here for dinner then as soon as table was cleard off, we took them in the Ford and went calling. first to Hazel's (Rasmus Hansen), stayed about 15 minutes, then to Grace and Orel's, made short stay there, then to Tillie's (Dave Young), then on the Bertha's (Harry Ulrich) for a little while stopped to Milred's (Mike Kusebuski) but they were gone to ball game so didn't see them. then home again but they wouldn't stay for lunch so at ten to four they left for home. drove it in 2 1/2 hours.

the week as been crowded with work.

Wednesday 21---Leonard and Lillian Dow, Gladness and husband called in to see us for about one half hour.

24---cloudy all day with a little shower s.e. wind men are hauling clay along path to barn


Arthur (Miller) and Margeret were married at Ludington, at Rev. Lemon's residence Dec. 10th, 1932.

Dec. was a very cold month thermometer registered just above and below zero for about three weeks

xmas not much account




January---very mild with mostly south wind, ocasionally a day of snow flurries. ground freezes and thaws, trees seem to take on a yellow-green look.


Feb. 1---thawing in the forenoon, wind from s.e. then in p.m. wind changed to s.w. and started to snow and freeze

2---"Ground hog day" cloudy all day

3---wind from west thawing a little down town

4---wind from north cold and fine snow flying at 3:30 it's 6 above

5--- cold and blustry wind from the north wind shifted to the west by next morning

6---warmer wind in s.w. and west and north not much snow on the ground. Grace and Merretta came across the field this afternoon started to snow before they started home. Floyd went home with them.

7---snowing and blowing snow don't stay any where only in drifts

8---Wednesday storming, water pipe froze and burst in the cellar

9---Thursday in the morning a fierce blizzard, 20 below, west wind I'll say it is cold. stayed cold all day and all night---put the gas lantern and lamp down cellar, and also the kerosene lantern, left them burning from noon until the next morning, don't know just how much was frozen but when I got a can of soup for dinner it was all crystals also a can of plums but did not break the cans.

10---a trifle warmer west and s.w. wind snowing and blowing

11---wind changed to the north during the night has been blowing and snowing all day, an ocasional glimpse of the sun tonight it was at zero again is blowing from the north.

12---cold south west wind, roads all blocked with snow. cloudy

13---sunshiney a.m. Rasums (Hansen) with his team did snow plow. Ferd, Floyd, Orel, John, Bob, Mike cleaned the drifts out of the road from Rasmus corner to the highway in the afternoon it clouded up and began to snow a light, dry snow from the n.e. and east, at night the stars were shining, about 2 below

14---cold and cloudy wind from the north went to Ludington with butter, etc. all banks of the state were closed this morning for an 8 day legal holiday. J.S. Sterns died 7:30 this morning at his home on east Ludington Ave.

15---sunshiney day but cold wind from north and n.w. by night changed to south

16. cloudy, cold south wind until noon, then turned warmer, soft snow all afternoon. at night wind changed to north, cloudy.

17---cloudy, cold s.w. wind white frost

18---clear and sunshiney all day, very fine wind from s.e. and s. thawing in p.m. used first green wood.

26---real sunshiney, thawing wind from north

27---white frost this morning, clear sky by noon it began to thaw, at night it froze up again. Floyd helped Mr. Christmas and family move onto the Gaines farm, fires are both out and its quite cool. hope the plants don't freeze they are still green and growing.



March---cold wind with a little snow flying in the air, just enough to see ti on the ground, up to the 4th

3---Rasmus, Ferd and Emma left here about 4:30, drove to Manton to see Mother Gurnsey. stayed until Saturday evening 4th, got home 20 min. to 10

5---Bert and family, Bee and Floyd Eckley drove up, stayed for dinner and had lunch before they went home about nearly seven. cold south west wind

6---S.E. wind, cloudy, by evening the wind is warmer

7---cloudy, wind changed to the north but hasn't got colder yet.

Elizebeth Gurnsey passed away March 18 7:30 p.m. was buried March 21st we drove up there for funeral at 2:30 from the home was laid in the Manton cemetery. We got home about 6:30 p.m. a very bad day was a real blizzard out there as we were on our homeward way, road very bad with snow.

March has been very changeable and cold


April 1--- not a bad day in p.m. sun was shining. road very muddy. came home from town by way of Freeman School. so at night took team and wagon, drove out to Arthur's for Bertha's birthday party. stayed until a little after two. was I tried yes!

2---a changeable day, sunshine, showers and cloudy, wind from ____, Grace, Orel and Merretta came over for dinner. brot cinnamon rolls and boiled rice, about 5:30 they went home. is a little colder but not freezing.

3---election day but we did not go. wind from west. misty by spells then nice again wind is cool.


5---s.e. wind in p.m. started to rain, repaired car top

6---rain all day, with some snow flurries in p.m.

7---cloudy, cold wind

8---cold in a.m.

9---rained and thundered with some sleet nearly all night grass was covered with sleet in the morning. Grace, Orel and Merretta came for their fifth wedding anaversery dinner

dinner over and were sitting visiting, Phebe and Will walked in stayed for supper, road so muddy they left their car in Messenger's yard and walked

10---thunder and rain showers then sunshine all day, wind from s.e. & s.w. and n.w. hailed while wind from n.west

11---cloudy until noon. then cleared, wind from north by night from west, quite cool, will be frost tonight trees are beginning to look heavy in tops grass on the hill is green, looks quite spring like,

snow covered the ground for several days. cold north wind white frosts for three mornings, demotes rain.

16---a very nice day (Easter Day) sunshine all day. we were at Grace and Orel's for dinner.

17---cloudy, wind from n.e. then by noon began to sprinkle by 2:30 is raining hard from n.e. Floyd began plowing this morning, now its all off again. cold wind

an ocasional warm day.

25---cold north wind got fruit trees from Scottville

26---cold north wind with snow fluries froze hard the night before. ground stayed frozen until after noon. was 20 above in the morning by night the wind changed to the west, but cold

27---a heavy white frost wind from s.w. cloudy by night was raining at 3:00 in morning of 28th, sowed seeding in p.m. 26 lbs alsike 26 lbs medium clover 20 labs timothy on 8 acres. drilled oats wind from all directions at night it is back in the south very nice outside, stars shining

29---am going to Ludington with products.


Oct. 1, 1932----Rose and Phil drove down today stayed a few hours called on the rest of family cold wind but sunshine

2---Floyd started fall plowing

4---wind in north blowing cold

12---first frost to kill

29-30-31---very hot days, around 70. Floyd was plowing, horses had flecks of lather like in the hot weather in the spring.


Nov. 1---has been cold and rainy

8---finished plowing then at night it started to snow.

9---ground covered, about 6 inches of snow

12---thawed all day then during the night wind changed to the north

George Messenger died at 6 oclock Sunday morning, Nov. 12

13---all froze up again wind flowing hard from north



Bert Marcellus died at hospital of pneumonia, January 17, 1934, was buried Jan. 20


March---night of 16, morning of 17th---rain, hail, snow, thunder and lightening rained all forenoon of 17, then turned cold and driving snow

18---a real nice day sunshine and even thawed some

21---spring began, was real nice this morning, then in p.m. wind blowing from north, freezing. made a nest for Jenny, put it in the cage. she is examing it thorrly.


April 1---Easter Sunday. Rained hard in p.m. lots of water ground frozen

2---a good day, road soft wind from s.e.

3---thawing and cloudy, started to rain hard about 8:30 wind from East, then turned to n.e. and north stormed rain, hail, thunder and lightening and more rain, then changed back to e. blowing hard is still in that quarter at 9:45 at night.

April is a very cold and backward month. April 24, Floyd started plowing. snow flurries all day

25---sunshine but cold west wind 24 above this morning

27---ground was frozen about 1 1/2 miles from Orel's, Dr. Fry's radiator froze up

drilled 2 1/4 acres oats, seeded with alfalfa, alsike and timothy, wind has been blowing hard from the south for nearly a week.

28---wind blowing hard all day cold south wind


May 1---wind still blowing from south and s.w. sowing 5 1/2 acres oats seeded with alfalfa, alsike and thmothy must go now and turn cows out for a drink

May 10---left here at 10 oclock arrived at Harold's (Elliott-son of Rose and Phil)about 1 oclodk. stayed there about an hour then went to Rose and Phil's. left there May 11 about 2:30 stopped in Buckley to visit Anna (wife of Clifford, Rose and Phil's son) and family. wind very cold from north froze hard night of 11.

turned cow out on grass May 13


July 6---bot 2 pigs from Mr. Christmas $4.00


Oct. 3---filled silo

31---first snow

Nov. 7---relatives came for my birthday. had a very nice party. visiting and lunch

Nov. 12---opened silo fed cows for dinner a real cold wind flowing from the west. ground was covered with snow this morning.

has been cold all week, moon changed Nov. 13, weather changed sunshiney and warmer s.w. wind

Nov. 14---bot pitman for the wind mill, price $2.00 plastering the outside cellar wall.



January 1935


January has been a very changeable month. cold one week then next it turned warmer with rain or sleet

27---cold s.e. wind 2 below this morning

28--- wind still blowing from s.w., not quite so cold. looks as tho it might be thawing soon.


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