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Philip E. Bailey.—Mason county is signally favored in the personnel of her corps of officials, and one of the most efficient and popular members of the same is Mr. Bailey, who is incumbent of the position of county clerk and who is one of the best known citizens of Ludington. He has been a resident of Michigan from the time of his birth and is a scion of one of the sterling pioneer families of this state, while his course has been such as to uphold the prestige of the name which he bears and to make him a valued factor in the world's great army of workers.

Philip E. Bailey was born in Walker township, Kent county, Michigan, on the 7th of December, 1853, and is a son of Alexander C. and Acenath (Matthews) Bailey, the former of whom was born in Weathersfield, Connecticut, a scion of a family founded in New England in the colonial days, and the latter was a native of the province of Ontario, Canada. Alexander C. Bailey was reared to maturity in his native state and as a youth of nineteen years he came to Michigan and numbered himself eventually among the pioneers of Kent county, where he developed a farm and also followed the work of his trade, that of blacksmith. He there continued to reside until his death, which occurred when he was forty-six years of age, and his devoted wife was forty-five years of age at the time she was summoned to the life eternal. They became the parents of two sons and two daughters, all- of whom attained to years of maturity, and of the number Philip E. is the youngest. The other son, George L., is one of the representative farmers of Walker township, Kent county.

The future clerk of Mason county was reared under the invigorating influences of the homestead farm and thus early learned the lessons and value of practical industry. When but twelve years of age, however, he began a more or less independent career, securing employment at

such work as was available and within the compass of his ability and strength, and in the meanwhile availing himself of the advantages, of the common schools, which he attended at somewhat irregular intervals. He found employment in the great lumber mills in the city of Grand Rapids, the metropolis and judicial center of his native county, and finally became foreman in a shingle mill, in Montcalm county. Thereafter he devoted his attention to agricultural pursuits in Kent county for a period of about five years.

In April, 1886, Mr. Bailey removed from Kent county to Mason county and secured a tract of unimproved land in Eden township. He gave himself vigorously to the development of this farm and eventually brought the same under effective cultivation, besides which he made other excellent improvements of a permanent order. He continued to give his attention to the management of his farm until elected to his present office. On January 2, 1901, he established his residence in the city of Ludington, where he has since maintained his home.

In politics Mr. Bailey has ever been found arrayed as a staunch supporter of the principles and policies for which the Republican party stands sponsor, and he has given yeoman service as a worker in its local ranks. In the autumn of 1900 he was elected county clerk of Mason county, and the best voucher for the efficiency and acceptability of his administration of this important office is that given by the fact that he has since continued incumbent of this position, in which he is now serving his sixth consecutive term, which will expire January 1, 1913, the while he is assured of re-election so long as he consents to appear as candidate on the ticket of his party. He is affiliated with the Ludington lodges of the Knights of Pythias and Independent Order of Odd Fellows, as well as with St. Marys Grange, Patrons of Husbandry.

On February 6, 1878, Mr. Bailey was united in marriage to Miss Josephine Major, whose father, Charles B. Major, was one of the pioneers and representative citizens of Eden township, Mason county. Mr. and Mrs. Bailey have six children, namely: Claude B., Burt A., Harry M., George A., William H. and Philip F.

A history of northern Michigan and its people, Volume 2 By Perry Francis Powers, Harry Gardner Cutler


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