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1885 Edward Greenwald b: 1885 in Ludington, Mason Co, M d: 20 April 1959 in Ludington, Mason Co, MI

Carl Fred Madsen b: October 27, 1898 in Ludington, Michigan m: Private d: February 02, 1980 in Tyler, Texas

Willie Greenwald b: 21 June 1887 in ? d: 26 November 1888 in Ludington, Mason Co, MI

Arthur Greenwald b: 1891 in ? d: 28 September 1929 in Ludington, Mason Co, MI

Bendix P Landt b: Abt. 1846 in Germany m: 14 December 1881 in Ludington, Michigan d: 14 June 1889 in Ludington

Anna Frances Landt b: November 1883 in Ludington, Mason Co, Michigan d: 24 September 1949 in Olympia, Thurston, WA

Antonia Louise Landt b: 22 November 1883 in Ludington, Mason, Michigan d: 24 April 1978 in Olympia, ThurstonWashington

Margaretta "Metta" Casey b: 16 June 1884 in Ludington, Michigan d: 19 May 1963 in Seattle, WA

Emma Casey b: 15 April 1886 in ? d: 15 December 1888 in Ludington, Michigan

Frances C Casey b: 15 March 1888 d: 17 December 1888 in Ludington, Michigan

Franziska Kretschmer b: 21 October 1819 in Engelsberg, Austria d: 12 January 1902 in Ludington, Mason Co, Michigan

Anton Herrgesell b: 25 July 1820 in Austria m: Abt. 1836 in Austria d: 03 December 1886 in Milwaukee, WI

Julia Greenwald b: 08 January 1875 in ? d: 18 December 1888 in Ludington, Mason Co, M

Emily Greenwald b: 05 February 1877 in Ludington, Mason Co, Michigan d: 24 May 1980 in Madras, OR

Margaretta Casey Smart b: 16 June 1884 in Ludington, Michigan d: 19 May 1963 in Seattle, WA

Emma Casey b: 15 April 1886 in ? d: 15 December 1888 in Ludington, Michigan

Frances C Casey b: 15 March 1888 d: 17 December 1888 in Ludington, Michigan

ROSAMOND MARGARET4 CLARK, b. November 10, 1935, Ludington, Michigan USA.

Bertrand Bailey, born March 24, 1905 in Ludington, Michigan; died November 1986 in Indio California

John Magnuson was born in Sweden on May 6, 1858 and died in Ludington, Michigan on September 7, 1929.

2. JOHN MARTIN SAUERS was born February 29, 1852 in Ohio, and died November 09, 1920 in Ludington, Michigan. He married AURILLA GENIA. Children of JOHN SAUERS and AURILLA GENIA are:

ROYAL JOHN SAUERS, b. May 16, 1886, Mason County, MI; d. August 24, 1958, Grand Rapids,MI.

DAVID MARTIN SAUERS, b. November 08, 1887, Ludington, Michigan; d. January 30, 1956.

CHARLES SAUERS, b. May 15, 1890, Mason County, MI.

JESSE LEO SAUERS, b. July 29, 1895, Ludington, Michigan; d. November 07, 1966, Ludington, MI Lakeview Cemetry.

ROBERT ARNOLD SAUERS, b. August 14, 1895, Ludington, Michigan; d. November 14, 1973, Ludington, Michigan.

PETER2 DUES, b. 1831, Denmark; d. March 19, 1924, Ludington, Michigan.

CLARENCE EDWARD DUES, b. January 26, 1891, ludington, Michigan; d. September 03, 1969,

SHELLY LEE HANSEN, b. February 8, 1960, Ludington, Michigan

BRIAN LOUIS CARLSON, b. August 18, 1958, Ludington, Michigan USA.

RITA KAYE CARLSON, b. March 09, 1960.

THOMAS ALAN CARLSON, b. April 12, 1964, Ludington, Michigan USA.

MABLE PEARL GENTER was born January 31, 1902 in South of Scottiville, Michigan USA, and died June 25, 1982 in Ludington Michigan USA. She married LOUIS PETER CARLSON August 08, 1932, son of ANDREW CARLSON and JOHANNA LARSEN. He was born February 11, 1898 in Ludington, Michigan USA, and died January 30, 1985 in Ludington, Michigan USA.

LOUIS WALTER CARLSON, b. March 01, 1933, Ludington, Michigan

ANDREW RAYMOND CARLSON, b. August 19, 1934, Ludington, Michigan

DONALD HAROLD CARLSON, b. January 31, 1936, Ludington, Michigan

MARGARET BESSIE CARLSON, b. August 16, 1940, Ludington, Michigan

RACHEL ROSEANNE HOGANSON, b. February 12, 1986, Ludington

GEORGE MARION5 RUSSELL, b. February 14, 1916, Ludington, Michigan

Joan Marie Whitaker Born: January 26, 1945 in: Ludington, Michigan

CARL ALFRED CARLSON, b. November 09, 1890, Ludington, Michigan USA; d. January 01, 1961, Ludington, Michigan USA.

ANDERS CARLSON, b. 1892; d. 1906.

CLARA CHRISTINA CARLSON, b. April 17, 1896; d. 1950; m. MICHAEL V. WOZNIAK; b. 1885; d. 1956.

LOUIS PETER CARLSON, b. February 11, 1898, Ludington, Michigan USA; d. January 30, 1985, Ludington, Michigan USA.

ANDERS WILHELM CARLSON, b. November 14, 1906; d. March 1976

JOHN OSCAR2 CARLSON, b. August 26; d. 1980.

EMMA LOUISA CARLSON, b. August 08, 1887; d. May 1974; m. RICHARD ELMER SMITH; b. 1894; d. 1940.

ALBERT LYON41, b. June 07, 1886, Mason CO., MI; d. March 04, 1971

BESSIE MAE6 GROVENBURG, b. February 12, 1897, MI; d. Mason Co. MI; m. EARL AUSTIN LEAVITT, December 25, 1917, Sherman Twp,

William Leander Bussear-April 15,1940-Mason County-Ludington, Michigan

Debra Thea Whitaker Born: September 6, 1960 in: Ludington, Michigan

ARCHIE JOHN WHITAKER (AUTHUR THERON) was born February 3, 1919 in Ludington, Michigan, and died February 14, 1977 in Ludington, Michigan.

CLAUDE F WADLE was born January 12, 1889 in Tustin, Michigan, and died April 15, 1971 in Ludington, Michigan.


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