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Important News

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Ghost Towns and Place names



Abbott PO

Founded by W.H. Perring October 30th 1884 Logan Township PO in his home


Adamsville PO aka Fern

1879 Consisted of a Sawmill employing 25 men. Founded by Joseph Adam of Hart and located near the county line south of Custer.


Amber Corners


Amber or Slaughtburg PO

1867 Train stop, Land was owned by August Miller


Bachellor or Batcheller PO aka Turtle Lake

1884 located at the railroad crossing west of Round Lake


Big Sable aka Hamlin


Bird Settlement or Rayne’s Corner PO aka Forest City

Victory Township


Black Creek – originally south of present day Custer which it became after 2 moves


Bloody Run – East of Freesoil

Aka Dead Horse Marsh aka Push Hill aka Jack Balls Ridge aka High Rollaway-Keiseis Cut aka Rattlesnake Rollaway


Buttersville PO

1887 –1907


Canada Corners-Wilson and South Custer crossroads



Carr Settlement or McCumber Settlement PO

Logan Township



Chapple Corners PO Victory Township

1874-1891 Edmund Chambers


Clark’s Corners – aka Sugar Grove Victory Township



Located 3 miles north of Freesoil and was built up around a sawmill


Creamery Corners – Amber Township Nels Jensen farm ?




Egypt PO

1882-1884 Fredrick King


Elm Flats-


Elmton- Meade Township railroad Depot on the Manistee and Grand Rapids line.


Fairview PO

1860-1876 Wm Quevillion PM Summit Township


Fern PO aka Adamsville

1888-1907    intersection of Custer and Sippy Rd


Ferryville aka Black Creek aka Custer


Finn Town




Forrest City aka Victory Corners


Freesoil Mills, Freeman Mills or Gurnee PO

1855 Charles Freeman PM 1860 discontinued




French Corners- Summit Township


German Settlement-


Greenwood Lake PO

Greenwood Colfax PM

1868-1871 Rueben Smith PM


Grass Lake – near Barothy Lodge


Gunn Lake PO

Sherman Township

Named after Luther Gunn


Haire’s Rollaway


Hamlin aka Big Sable


Herrickville PO

A Mill near the south bank of he PM river south of Custer


Indian Crossing-


Indiantown PO

1865 then East Riverton 1875-1888 South of Custer on Conrad Rd in connection with


Indian Town south of Fountain




Jordan PO

Just west of Scottville on the Carter farm


Kistler’s Corners


LaBelle’s Landing – Summit Township


LaCarp PO

1873-1875 William Barnhart was postmaster


Lincoln Valley aka West Amber


Little Sable – Lincoln PO previously known as Black Creek

1855-1861 – Charles Mears first postmaster last was George B Elms


Point Sable PO

1879-1887    postmaster John R Cook


Manistee Junction PO aka Merritt

Located where the Manistee spike led off from the main east west line of the PM RR


Marble PO 1880-1890

Located near Darr and Kinny Rd

John B Marsh 1880-1889 PM

John Tracy 1889-1889 PM

Samuel Noyes 1890-1890 PM


McCumber Settlement aka Carr

Logan Township


Meadville- Meade Township


Meisenheimerville Summit Township

Corner of Meisenheimer and US 31


Merritt aka Manistee Junction


Milleton PO 1898-1915

Located where the Manistee and Grand Rapids RR crossed the North Branch of the Sable River in section 13 of Sheridan Township.

SD Squire PM 1898

Sara Bortz

Richard Cunningham

Hugh B Cunningham 1915 PM


Paulson PO 1886-1902

Located at the intersection of Victory Drive and Victory Corners in the Danish Settlement

Rasmus Lykkeby PM 1886

Ken Pedersen PM 1902


Paxton’s Crossing aka Poff’s Crossing Fountain area


Pelton,s Corners-


Pere Marquette PO 1855-1864 name change to Ludington

Located at the foot of S. William St

George W. Ford PM 1855

John Sedan PM

Ephram Hildreth PM 1864


River Road- Iris Road


Riverton PO 1865-1882

John Saltzgoodon PM 1865

Lucius Hawley PM

Oscar Compton PM

James Wilson 1882 PM







Siddons PO 1882-1902 Victory Township

Located in section 26 of Grant Township intersection of Freeman and Alexander Rd

Will Freeman PM 1882


Squireville PO 1895-1902

Located just west of Buck’s Corners

Emma M Squire PM 1895

General Store and Blacksmith Shop


Sugar Grove PO

Closed 1901 located in his store.

Stephen Darke PM


Swedish Settlement – 3.5 miles north of Branch


Sweetland aka Scottville aka Mason Center


Tallman aka Wever



Located Buttersville Penninsula


Telephone Rd Branch


Telegraph Road Branch


Victory Corners aka Forrest City aka Bird’s Settlement


Walhalla PO 1879 aka Butters Junction aka Merrit

Just north of present Walhalla


Weldon Creek


Wesley PO 1895-1902

Lewis W Rose PM Located in his General Store corner of US 31 and Hawley Rd.


Wever aka Tallman

The name was changed because there was already a town in Michigan by that name


Wiley PO 1888-1895

John F Genter PM

Located at the intersection of Scottville and Meisenheimer Rd


Woodburn PO

Located 3 miles south of Adamsville in General Store

Charles Brown PM


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